Year: 2021

Old House Remodel: How to Marry an Old Window or Door Within the New Design

So this is my favorite topic because this happens to be one of my favorite things to do when refurbishing one of our properties. There are so many things that you can keep and reuse in various ways so I’m gonna break a few down and give exact examples in the hopes that a few […]

Jacksonville Magazine asks Omiconstruct about Old House Remodels

The term “historic home” brings to mind something charming and quaint—a house with the character so often lacking among new builds. Of course, it also comes with some other descriptors: creaky, leaky, and pricey among them. Restoring an historic home is no small undertaking, requiring special care due to outdated fixtures and building materials. For […]

Omiconstruct’s Regularly Scheduled Preventative Checklist

The majority of homes that Omiconstruct works on were built pre-war and made with natural materials like masonry, stone and wood. All of which will last indefinitely if properly cared for and maintained. That is why a regularly scheduled preventative checklist is what we suggest. What is on that checklist? Funny you should ask. Here is a […]

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